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German Super Wasps Head to Hampshire

After temperatures around the UK rose to unexpectedly warmer levels this Bank Holiday weekend, a surge in German 'yellowjackets' has been observed following the rise in temperature.

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Benefits of Humane Pest Control

In reality, we're all nature lovers as much as everyone else! We thought we'd share a little information about our environmentally-friendly pest control solutions, to help those concerned about inhumane pest control and to put your minds at ease!

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Pest Control Tips & Tricks for Summer

The expert pest exterminators in Winchester & Basingstoke share best practice advice to help prevent summer pest concerns.

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Hospitals Around the UK Face Pest Crisis

We take a look at the recent reports that UK hospitals are facing a pest crisis, with in excess of 800 complaints made to pest control professionals.

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Why the Surge in Ladybird Complaints?

Hampshire Bird and Pest Solutions take a look at the reasons behind the recent ladybird surge, and what we can do to help prevent infestation.

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