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Humane & Eco-Friendly Rodent Capture

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions have always focused on delivering a service our customers can rely on, and trust time and time again. There's a heavy stigma with pest control, which is that it can be quite gruesome and nasty. In reality, we're all nature lovers as much as everyone else! We thought we'd share a little information about our environmentally-friendly pest control solutions, to help those concerned about inhumane pest control and to put your minds at ease!


Eco-Friendly Rodent Capture

We have a number of tools available to help us with monitoring and capturing problem rats and mice. Our teams have state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal, this includes an array of night vision equipment to monitor and survail problems with rodents! Our equipment means we can monitor entry points of problem rodents, and help put in place a permanent fix to prevent the rodent problem reoccur!

Once we've identifed where the source of the rodent problem is, our team will begin working on capturing the problem rodent. We use an environmentally friendly device which is 100% toxin-free, this ensures that there's zero risk of secondary poisining to other native species or pests, as no poisin or toxins are used whatsoever. Alternative pest controllers will use poisin to deal with your rodent problem, our environmentally friendly solution ensures an A-Class targeted and humane solution is deployed.


Humane Pest Control Solutions in Basingstoke & Winchester

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