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Council Pest Control Services

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Our councils provide a wide array of services to help households of all shapes and sizes. This service includes the provision of pest control. The team at Hampshire Bird and Pest Solutions take a look at Council provided pest control services and the differences households can expect to observe.


Is Council Pest Control Free?

Some government services and solutions are offered free of charge, this does extend into the pest control area however it's usually means-tested. Households in receipt of means-tested benefits and support may qualify for funded pest control depending on the level of service provided by the responsible local authority. In all other instances it's either a chargeable service from the council, or something which is provided by qualified third-party professional. 


What Does Council Pest Control Cover?

Council provided, funded pest control usually covers rodent related infestations and problems. Households with other pest problems are usually advised to seek private professional pest control assistance. Some local councils offer a chargeable solution beyond rodents, but this can vary depending on the responsible local authority.


How Long Does Council Pest Control Take?

Like many government services, council funded pest control can have unsought surges in demand. This is primarily due to the seasonal nature of the industry and the resource available to tackle the problems reported by households. In times of high-demand such as the start and end of summer, and at times during the winter, council provided pest control may suffer from high demand. During these times of high demand it's likely that initial inspections may take longer to carry out, to the extent of weeks and months. In quieter periods you could expect initial inspections within a few days to a week, with subsequent work following afterwards.


What is the Benefit of Private Pest Control?

Private pest control will almost always result in a much faster resolution of your pest control problem. If your pest problem is urgent and you're looking for a rapid resolution, professional controllers may be more suitable. It's common for private pest control companies to deal with many pests during the initial visit. Private pest controllers will offer a variety of additional services to improve and enhance the level of service provided. It may be possible to investigate pests with alternative eco-friendly solutions, to provide a more humane pest control service.


How Are Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions Different?

Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions go beyond finding and removing a pest rodent or other pest. The team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions look for the main cause of the pest problem and fix it to prevent the same problem re-occurring. This is all included under the same service, which compliments our humane, eco-friendly pest control solutions. Talk to us about your pest concern today for a no obligation free quotation. Use the contact form below to contact our friendly team.

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