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Typical Signs of a Rat Problem

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Here are some signs to look and listen out for if you think you have rats Noises in the loft space they can easily gain access to loft spaces through gaps in the roof area or the drainage system using the wall cavity’s to travel upwards! So listen for noises around these areas that might indicate their presence. They also make a chattering noise. Look around the garden and you may find holes which lead to the rats burrows. Rats have a tendency to dig around sheds, garages, decking and sheltered flower beds using this as protection. You may also see the route the rats take to water and food. You find a hole that has some chewing around it or a greasy brown smear mark which comes from the rats under belly these will indicate a rodent may be present! Rat droppings are approximately 15/20mm long and are have blunt ends a brown rat may drop around 40 to 50 of these a day

Avoiding Rat problems

Rats look for small holes and gaps around the property and can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack using a professional pest controller may make this job easier There are lots of proofing methods including mesh, steel wool and drain surveys. Consulting your pest controller will make sure you use the right one Drains and sewers Rats are abundant in this area and it only takes a small hole or crack in a pipe or join and they may find a way into your property. Rats need a water source close by as unlike mice they need separate food and water so ensure water tanks are sealed and leaky water pipes are fixed

How we can help

We offer a free survey to establish which rodent or pest you have in and around you home in some cases we use cameras to find this out after which we will try to get the source of how they have got in to eradicate further infestations Once we have established which pest we are dealing with we can discuss the various options that are available to you and deal with the problem in the most effective way possible. test


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