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Tips & Tricks to Prevent Pests from Ruining the Festivities

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

It's Christmas time, which usually brings lots of fun and joy, plus the odd tipple here and there. Pests at Christmas are probably the last thing you'll think of, but it's the time where pests are rife. We've put together some hints and tips to help you stay pest free this festive season.

What Pests are Prevalent around Christmas?

Real Christmas trees are the biggest contributor of pest problems. Many people will find spiders and insects unbearable, for the lucky few who don't mind them, you probably won't want them crawling around your food and gifts, especially with guests and family sharing the occasion.

Spiders, insects and their eggs can easily be brought into your home on Christmas trees, wreaths or firewood. Eggs are prone to hatching when inside your home, as the warmth often leads to the false pretence of the onset of spring. This can lead to dense clusters of spiderlings emerging several days after arriving in your home.

Wreaths also bring some risks as any leftover bird nesting material left within the branches can contain parasites such as bird mites or insects.

Wrapping paper is a very attractive bedding for rodents, and the sheer volume of it around this time is literally Christmas for them too! To top it off, Christmas is renowned for excess food supply, leftovers and lots of waste in the bin. This again, provides a reason for rodents to stick around as there's an abundant food source for them.

All of the above topped off with people going on holiday, means that if there are some pest risks, they have time to swarm and become a much larger problem when you return.

How Can I Prevent Pests at Christmas?

  1. Vigorously shake a fresh a fresh Christmas tree before bringing it home, or even putting it into your car. This will help prevent bringing in any loose needles, insects and eggs.
  2. Inspect the Christmas tree and carefully remove any leftover bird nesting material that shaking hasn't dislodged 
  3. If you do notice insects gathering on walls or windows, use a vacuum cleaner to quickly remove them.
  4. Ensure firewood is stored on a raised platform which is at least 20 feet away from your home, and check it for pests before bringing it inside.
  5. Make sure any discarded wrapping paper is a secure bin, or sealed recycling box and not left in bin bags outside.
  6. It goes without saying, don't leave old food around. With irregular bin collections around Christmas, food can sometimes be left in bins for a little while, which will attract extra visitors. This includes cleaning up any crumbs left from Reindeers and Father Christmas eating outside.

Removal of Pests

Preventing pests from entering your home to start with is always the best way of reducing risk of pests. If you already have pests in your home and need expert advice and removal, use the form below to send us a query. We offer a free no obligation estimate.

Above all else, have a fantastic Christmas and cracking New Year!
From all the team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions.

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