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European Yellowjacket Wasps Set to Swarm this Summer

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

The UK has seen an increase in the number of wasps over the recent few weeks and unfortunately this is set to continue and rise even further. It appears we aren't the only ones who crave the warmer weather, as the increase in temperature is set to promote rapid breeding during the summer months.

What Are German Super Wasps?

'German Super Wasps' or 'European Super Wasps' are offically known as yellowjackets. They differ greatly from the common wasp we've all learnt to live alongside or avoid like the plague! Unlike the common UK wasp, the German Super Wasps are larger in size, around half an inch! They're also much more 'sting-happy' and are known to sting people repeatedly, which isn't great news for anyone! The warmer weather we've experienced has created ideal conditions for them to thrive, and the projected warmer summer means this is likely to continue.


How Can I Identify a German Super Wasp?

Don't fear, it's actually surprisingly easy to spot a German Super Wasp, as they all have distinctive spots on their heads. Look for three black spots, along with their unusual larger size and you'll be able to spot the European variety with ease. Remember, it's worth pointing out the need to stay calm if you see a German Super Wasp loitering around you, or any wasp for that matter. Waving your arms around and panicking, although completely understandable is usually a bad idea as it may antagonise the wasp, and that may even attract more wasps!


What Can I Do if I Find a Nest?

Stay calm, don't touch it. Any attempt to move or remove the nest will likely aggravate it and cause a real problem. If the nest is in your garden or other outdoor space, try and keep windows and doors nearest to the nest closed to prevent the risk of any wasps getting into your home. If you have specialist clothing to prevent you from being stung, you should look to approach the nest at night and treat with safe and approved pesticides. If you require help from our specialist team in Basingstoke or Winchester, get in touch with our friendly team for a FREE quotation using the form below.   

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