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How Can Businesses Spot Signs of Pest Birds and Mitigate the Risk!

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Signs of Pest Birds

It's usually generally pretty clear if you have an issue with pest birds. Commonly, business owners will notice droppings around the premises, flocking birds overhead or birds congregating on rooftops or other areas around the business property. Pigeons and seagulls like to roost within the roof of a property, or more commonly on the flat roof of a tall building. If your premises is large, you may not notice the infestation as they can be hidden in more secluded areas, including chimneys.

Risks to Businesses

Some risks are quite visible, including the unsightly nature which can interfere with your customers' perception of your businesses. There are also a number of risks that carry much more weight, including health risks and damage. Bird droppings, nests and the birds themselves, often bring with them a foul stench which will create a problem for your employees, customers and suppliers and your brand image may suffer as a result. If bird droppings are commonly found in areas where employees and customers regularly walk, there may be liability risks off the back of any slips that occur. You may already be aware, bird droppings contain acid. These droppings, if left untreated can cause damage to steel, roofing and other physical structures near to any nesting areas. The acidic content commonly causes corrosion on paintwork too. Aside from the physical risks, there are also a number of health risks that are heavily present with bird related infestations. Droppings contain a number of diseases which include: Cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and psittacosis. Bird nesting material also contains a number of parasites, fleas and bacteria which can be spread through air conditioning & ventilation systems.

How to Prevent Pest Birds

There are things you can do right now to prevent birds from nesting on your premises, and that starts with restricting their food sources! Remove access to food, as it creates a less favourable nesting area and it means a larger challenge for them later. Prevent leaving waste food around and ensure bins are locked and clean. This will help deter future birds from nesting nearby, however if they are already nesting on your premises, they may well come back, as they like to return to the same location.

Deploying Professional Deterrents

Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions are experts in bird removal and prevention. Our work frequently comprises of dealing with commercial properties which usually includes fitting spikes to ledges and common nesting areas. This type of prevention is ideal for permanent prevention which requires little to no maintenance from the customer.

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