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Insects to Look Out for Before Summer

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Spring is a great time of year, as the cold weather begins to shift (ish!), we look forward to longer days and warmer weather! Whilst most insects begin to show in the summer months, there are a few to watch as they make an appearance during spring.

Emerging Insects Over Spring

Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions have identified the most common insects you'll likely begin to see as spring gets underway. Take a look at our tips on spotting early signs and how to help prevent them.


It's quite common for ants to start making an appearance from springtime. Ants are organised social insects that often wander in groups, often looking for food to collect and bring back to their nest. Ants prefer sweeter foods so will quite often be drawn to sugar spillages and sweet foodstuffs.

Preventing Ants

Keeping a generally clean and tidy home is key to preventing ants, however even the tidiest of homes still have food for ants to hunt for. Ensure any food in your home is secure, such as in sealed air-tight containers. Avoid leaving food out, even on high surfaces. Ants can pretty much scale anything they want, and will climb to find food. If a noticeable amount of ants can be seen wandering, it's likely there's a point of entry such as a crack or loose fixture allowing them a route in. Ensure any clear entry points are sealed and fixed. If you have an infestation, or require professional help to deter future ants, fill in the contact form below for a free quotation.


Flies are an annoying pest that don't simply cause distress from their presence alone. The way in which flies feed, is by vomiting saliva on food surfaces, then consuming the resulting liquid. This creates a very real contamination risk, as the remaining food surface contains contaminants from the gut and feet of the fly. The contaminants that flies can spread include food poisoning & dysentery. Flies begin to resurface as spring comes around, and will continue to create a problem throughout spring and summer.

Preventing Flies

Flies are attracted to food. Just like ants, it's important to ensure loose and waste food is stored and disposed of properly. Flies will often be found congregating around refuse and waste, therefore it's crucial to ensure that you clear waste away promptly and maintain cleanliness. To discourage flies from going in your home to start with, make sure your bins are stored away from your home, and refuse is kept away from doors and windows. If you have a recurring problem, speak to us using the form below and we'll issue a no obligation quote to remedying the situation with preventative measures.

Professional Deterrents & Removal

If you have an issue with flies or ants during spring, get in touch with Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions to arrange a free quotation. Whether you are a business with a large scale problem, or a household with a smaller pest issue, our business can offer expert solutions for both.

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