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How Can the Public, Employees and Employers Control the Virus?

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

In a world now seemingly dominated by Covid-19, most of us are no strangers to PPE in the workplace but putting PPE on to carryout the weekly shop or collect the daily papers certainly for me is a strange practice but one that I seem to be actively taking part. Yes, PPE is one way to stop us as an individual catching the virus and if we are asymptomatic it may help contain the virus, but what else can be done?

Covid-19 has ripped through the world with relative ease and does not seem to mind who it attacks. The message of Stay Home-Protect the NHS-Save lives has now moved certainly for England to Stay Alert-Control the Virus-Save lives offering a slight light at the end of a significantly long tunnel that is the road to recovery. 

How do we as members of the public, employers and employees control the virus? 

A very different answer for different types of situation I am sure, but the common ground must certainly be hygiene in breaking the chain of infection. We seem to be a great reservoir for the virus and help it along nicely by not following some very basic guidelines the phrase social distancing is constantly being rammed into us and for a very good reason. The virus can spread via respiratory droplets and everywhere we go we could potentially be contaminating people and surfaces and creating a vicious circle of Covid-19. Think about how many items we touch daily with our hands with or without gloves. Hands are a great mode of transmission from contaminated surfaces to the virus entering our bodies through mouth, nose and eyes so hygiene and social distancing must be key ingredients to help control the virus. 

Common sense you may say!

The government gave us advise on how to wash our hands and how many of you sang happy birthday whilst washing them? When did we forget how to wash our hands?

The Governments Covid-19 secure workplace guidelines state that workplaces should be regularly cleaned and sanitised making sure any disinfectant used is effective against enveloped viruses as the virus can live for up to 72 hours on some surfaces. The door handles, worktops, desks and kettles to name just a few are potentially contaminated surfaces which will help spread the virus. Deep cleans will become the new normal with regular disinfectant mist treatments using ultra low volume fogging machines to kill the microorganisms being needed. Keeping all areas as clean as possible will help you control the virus and everyone of us deserves to work, eat, learn and sleep in a safe environment.

At Hampshire Bird and Pest Solutions, we offer deep cleans and ULV mist/fogging treatments to domestic and commercial properties using the right methods and the right products to help control the virus. If you are open for business or in the process of opening the workplace let us help you maintain a safe environment.

All works carried out in line with the Government's current guidelines 


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