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Pest Control Tips & Tricks from Exterminators in Winchester & Basingstoke

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Pest control specialists and professional exterminators such as Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions handle pest issues to exceptionally high standards. Professional extermination should be considered for some more specialist pest problems such as wasps' nests, however there are a number of steps you can take NOW to help prevent any issues later in the summer months.


Top 3 Most Common Pests in Summer Months

Wasps & Nests

Wasp nests can be especially distressing in the summer months as people venture into their gardens whilst the sun sporadically appears. With a little preparation and general housekeeping, you can help prevent wasps from setting up camp in and around your home.

  • Remove food from garden.
  • Seal any structural gaps in your home.
  • Inspect and secure potential entry points in outbuildings and/or garages.

Wasps, like most pests will seek food. Removing this attraction from your home, will help deter wasps from setting up camp in your home or garden. Sheds, garages and lofts are often likely spaces wasps will begin nesting. It's important to limit their ability to gain access, whilst ensuring your property is kept in good repair.

Wasps can be dangerous pests to deal with, which is why we wouldn't recommend removing a wasp nest, but moreover instil small changes to prevent them forming a nest in the first instance. Some of us may be allergic to wasps without even knowing it, and to help ensure there's no risk, we would suggest calling in a professional wasp exterminator to properly remove the nest using specialist equipment. Use the contact form below to get a FREE quotation.

Bird Complaints

When spring starts to roll around, people get excited about the impending underwhelming heatwave. It's not just people that get excited, birds do too! This is the time where nesting starts to begin, and pest birds look to find a new home for the summer. For some, the sound of birds can be enjoyable, however when birds begin nesting, it can often become very distracting. Residents will often find damage to parts of their home, such as damaged roofing or solar panel equipment. Pest birds will leave faeces around their nesting area, and this can create a real safety risk, as their droppings contain bacteria and damaging levels of acidic content. 

It's possible to prevent birds from nesting in and around your home, with small maintenance ahead of the spring months. There are small steps you can take to prevent birds from taking a seat in your home throughout the summer months. 

  • Repair any openings.
  • Addition of preventative spikes.
  • Implementation of netting.
  • Clean guttering.

These are preventative steps to help you seal any potential pest bird entry points, whilst also utilising preventative solutions to remove the attraction of nesting in your home. If you need any assistance with the addition of spikes or netting, get in touch with Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions.

If you have a problem with pest birds that you're unable to prevent, or the issue requires specialist assistance, speak to the experienced team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions. Use the contact form below to get a FREE quotation.

Pest Mice & Rodents

Mice and rats cause a nuisance to thousands of households every year. When pest rodents enter your home or set up camp around your property, it can be unnerving to say the least. Rodents are a huge catalyst in the spread of disease, as they often carry serious conditions such as salmonella, Weil's disease and plague. Rats and mice should be treated with great consideration, rodent borne diseases can be spread not just by direct contact, but also by inhalation.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to help protect your home from unwelcome rodent visitors. With some simple maintenance and housekeeping, households can prevent creating an attractive nesting area for rats and mice. 

  • Repair gaps in and around your home.
  • Secure outbuildings and/or garages.
  • Inspect drainage and guttering for damage.
  • Clear garden space of foodstuffs.
  • Secure outdoor bins and rubbish containers.

These steps should help ensure you're made aware of any potential entry points, and prevent rodents from finding sources of food in and around your home. This will dramatically reduce the chance of pest rodents making an appearance. 

If you already have signs of a rat or mouse present, we would always advise seeking help from a professional. The specialist exterminators at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions have professional equipment to deal with pests effectively, whilst also ensuring complete safety for everyone involved. Get in contact with us using the form below, if you have signs of a pest rodent.


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