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Which Pests to Watch Out for this Spring!

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Spring is finally here! March marks the start of the Spring season, with the equinox officially March 20th. From March 21st onwards you'll notice the days will now become longer, later sunsets and generally warmer weather from here on in! We aren't the only ones that enjoy the arrival of Spring, pests and wildlife have also been eagerly awaiting the start. We at Hampshire Bird and Pest Solutions discuss which pests to avoid this Spring, and how to keep your home, yours!

Common Spring Pests

Take a look at the following most common spring pests, which are most likely to make an appearance as the weather warms up.

House Flies

House flies are a problem that all households have to put up with. Flies start coming out when the weather starts getting warmer. It's often difficult to isolate problems with flies, but it is possible to control it. Keeping your home clean and disinfected is the key to preventing flies from causing issues later. Try to avoid leaving standing water in your home, as this commonly entices flies.


Your home and garden will likely be visited by ants this spring. Catch them early to prevent larger problems later on, which is pretty straight forward as spotting them is easy. Conventional methods of pest control are often not effective once a full-blown infestation has occurred and this is why you need to keep a lookout for the early signs and avoid leaving any waste and food around to draw them in. Try to avoid leaving pet food on the floor as that's often a common attraction for ants.


Cockroaches emerge during the Spring. Regular cleaning at home will help keep them at bay. Mop your floors regularly to clean up sticky spots as well as crumbs. Ensure you clean grease away from all surfaces, whilst remembering to dispose of trash regularly and correctly!

Clothes Moths

Clothes moths can be disastrous to your woolens, sheets and other clothing. Moths love feeding on your fabrics, be very weary bringing back woolens from car boot sales and charity shops. Ideally have them cleaned first, or inspect thoroughly to ensure you don't bring anything into your home. Moths like dark, quiet places left largely untouched. Keep your home clean, move furniture occasionally, and keep dark crevices and areas clean such as behind radiators, back of wardrobes, skirting boards etc.


With the milder Winter we've had this year it's likely that many of the rats and mice that would have died over the Winter have survived. With the beginning of warmer weather, rodents will now be looking to breed. It can take mice between 19 and 21 days to have a litter after falling pregnant, and can have between five and ten litters in a year. Ensure your waste is properly discarded in secured bins, and avoid leaving any bin bags loose. Check sheds, garages, decking, compost bins and drains for any signs of damage. These areas are common nesting areas for rodents, and it's common to find gnaw marks around doors and wooden panels where rodents have made an entry.

Prevention Advice

Make sure any cracks and gaps have been sealed up, in and around your home. This is going to be the first point of entry for most insects and pests. Ensure any ventilation is clean and clear to prevent insects being drawn to the ventilation as a route in. Vacuum regularly and don't forget to vacuum spiders, webs, as well as other pests and debris. Keep on top of excess food, and remove any stored food items from shelves if they have been there for several months! Keep all food containers tightly sealed, stored away from work surfaces. Pickup pet food at night, and don't feed pets outdoors. Finally, simple things like wiping down counters, washing dirty dishes and removing rubbish daily to ensure any food remains that may have lured pests have gone! Remember, even crumbs can attract pests, so small steps now will help you enjoy your Spring and Summer a little more peacefully.

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