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Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions look at Pests & Solar Panels

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

About Pest Birds

In the UK there is currently a rise in the number of solar panels being fitted ad-hoc to existing properties, and as options with new build homes. This rise in demand for solar panels is fueling a rise in pigeon related problems and is causing a growing issue with properties that have solar panels fitted.

Birds have used our rooftops for a long time, whether it be for roosting during the day, nesting on the chimney or using the gutter as a water source. With the arrival of solar panels, we are literally putting a roof over their heads. Birds find shelter underneath and enjoy the heat created by the panels. Pigeons especially find solar panels attractive as they resemble shimmering lakes.

Associated Problems

Pigeons create a number of different problems for homeowners and tenants that have solar panels. Pigeons especially, create a large amount of droppings. This can span to 12-14kg over the course of a year, for only one single bird. This in itself can create huge problems for guttering as it often leads to blockages and attract further pests such as flies, which creates a hygiene and health issue.

The volume of bird droppings will also affect the effectiveness of the panels themselves in generating solar power. The ammonia in bird droppings will also eat into the aluminium frame and create rot over time.

The nests created by the pest birds can cause issues with roofing and therefore result in more major repair work being carried out on damaged areas of the roof.

The panel's wires are often clipped up underneath the panel, when pest birds become a problem, the birds can unclip these wires and cables, and expose them to damage from the elements and other pest birds. Birds aren't the only pest that pose a threat to solar panels, as squirrels are quite the climbers and will have no problem getting to your roof. If the birds haven't already attacked the wiring, the squirrels definitely will! In this situation, preventative action is much better than reactive. If left alone, re-wiring the panel may be required plus any other costs associated with repairing rooftops and guttering.

Signs of Pests

With solar panels you'll notice a lot of noise coming from the roof, especially from the rooms directly below the panel. Visual inspection remains the one of the key ways of detecting any problems, either by looking for the bird foul or for any signs of nesting.


Preventative measures will always work out more cost effective than any repair in the future, if you suspect you may have a problem or would like Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions to come and inspect your property for any signs of pests, get in touch using the form below.

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