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Rodent invasions

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

The Miscreants Of The Night Written by Lauren Nash

The scavengers that just keep taking. You could be next to suffer due to these devilish creatures if this doesn’t change.


Through the upcoming harsher weathers where the rain swarms the streets like pests scurrying for a home as we hear them impinge upon our own, stealing our warmth and nestling in our burrows. The warmth of your house is enticing them into your property, the homeless are stealing your warmth and being the unwanted guests without you even knowing.  The gnawing mammals scurry through every crevice of your house, acting as the thieves of the night. They are the scavengers that are never full. The vast amounts of damage will appear from nowhere, allowing their work to be detrimental to your home. Rats and mice are the sleepless miscreants that create mayhem with every step. The smallest of crevices house these miscreants, providing them with the shelter that they need to survive the harsh upcoming winters.  With a blind eye, they thieve the smallest crumbs of food which keeps them alive through the seasons. Before you are even aware of your house guests, they’ve stolen food from your cupboards, invited their friends round for tea and made a full advantage of your property. The heavenly taste of the bittersweet things in life such as cereals, biscuits and treats bring them back every time. The burrowers nestle in their newly found homes, gnawing on miniscule crumbs and finding their way in to every plastic bag and cardboard box filled with their meals, going unnoticed through the nights.


The drop in temperatures and frozen nights act as an invitation for these pests, keeping them safe through the storms, allowing their breeds to grow and remain. These slender creatures with poignant ears and large eyes scutter carelessly around your house, creating damage to your home, ruining the foundation of your lives. These opportunistic feeders will make short work of any food they have easy access to. They have proven themselves to be very destructive. Both mice and rats have been known to gnaw their way through wires and other materials of your home, being detrimental to the structural integrity of your walls and plumbing. The house that you once called your own, now houses those unwanted creatures of the night. Rat teeth are even stronger than human teeth thus them being able to chew their way through brick, showing the true force and their capabilities. Their silent and devilish work attacks the core, striking at the heart of the family, impounding on your lives. Despite their large eyes, they don’t see the destruction until it’s too late for you to repair ever so easily.  Like mice, rats have incisors that never stop growing. Thus they need to chew on something hard on a regular basis – cables, woods, even pipes, ruining your lovely home before you are even aware of the fundamental damage that has taken place .


Rats are diseased ridden scoundrels quickly overpopulate when they live in a place where they have no predators, such as your home, leaving their numbers hard to contain one they have settled. They present themselves with a pungent smell, intoxicating your airways, leaving teeth marks on your wooden surfaces created by their echoing gnawing sounds are a strong indicator that you have unwanted guests. Their greasy stains on the floors will leave you needing to investigate further. Their scurrying legs creeping up and down your walls with their muffled scratches keeping them hidden from exposure. Rats have the dropping shape and size of black olives. Unlike mice, rats are a bit more protective, so they have better hiding skills and don’t want to be noticed. If you hear noises, see chewed cables, but don’t find droppings, it’s probably rats, not mice. This creates it harder for them to be caught.


 Your very first gut feeling and small sample of evidence creates enough time for your home to be saved. By allowing pest controllers into your home, they’re able to capture your house guests in action, keeping the damage to your house as miniscule as possible, creating a positive outcome. We also need to prevent them or any of their unwanted friends from returning at any point in the future. By keeping any entrances closed off and picking u even the smallest of crumbs you are able to prevent this happening to you. It is both an inconvenience and a burden to occur at the harshest of weathers. Ensure that this isn’t you for future references and seek an opinion if you are worried.  


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