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Has Weather Affected the Number of Wasps?

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

With the warmer summer the UK has experienced and the milder start to autumn, most of us have been enjoying the delayed return of the heating. We arent the only ones to benefit from the satisfying temperatures, as wasps, ants and insects in general have enjoyed the benefits too. The UK enjoyed milder winter conditions earlier this year, and this directly impacted the number of surviving pupae (immature inactive state between larvae and adult). In the period between May and July, reports of wasp issues increased by 39% according to The Times (2016), this is due to the rise in the number of surviving insects and more pupae being able to hatch. This rise was helped in part by the mild and dry autumn during 2015, which allowed more queen wasps to come out of hibernation this year. Wasps cause a very clear problem with their presence easily known, often nests are home to thousands of wasps which can grow to 25,000 in one season. If you notice wasps around your property or find wasps in your home frequently, there may be a nest nearby or in your loft space.

It's not just wasp nest complaints that rose this year, as increases in complaints were also seen with reports of ants increasing by 73%, and flies by 30% year-on-year. The milder winter allowed more ants to survive over the colder months, and enable greater numbers to emerge in the warmer months, resulting in the rise in complaints. While ants are harmless, they cause a nuisance inside homes. They hunt for food, and leave chemical trails for more ants to follow the the path to more food.

If the UK experiences another mild winter, it's likely that pest complaints increase even further next year. If you have an issue you'd like inspected, or feel you may have a problem with a pest, get in touch with us using the form below. Our friendly team are available 24/7.

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