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Why Have I Got a Pest Problem?

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Pest problems cause issues for many households across the UK each year. Some pest problems are seasonal, others are just pot luck but for the most part, many pest problems can be avoided. We take a look at some of the top reasons you might have a pest problem. Not all of the following reasons may apply to your current pest problem, but these are common reasons to be aware of, and should hopefully help you mitigate the risk moving forwards. 


It's Because of the Weather

Rats & mice often reside in our shared sewers and drains. During times of heavy rainfall, rodents will flee their sewer based residences and aim for a home like yours. They're looking for food and shelter and suitable shelter is often in high supply. Similarly, in the Winter months rodents are looking for warmth and our homes are usually top of the list, whether it's inside our homes or in an outbuilding such as a garage or shed. 


It's Because of the Temperature in your Home

Our homes tend to be heated quite consistently, with automatic timers and programmed heating systems our homes are lovely and warm in the Winter months. This makes an attractive nesting spot for rodents and insects looking to escape the cold. Be mindful of this and ensure your heating is used as and when required. Consider heating part of your house with oil filled radiators if you aren't using the entire house, as unnecessarily heating the whole house will cost you more and attract unwanted visitors.   


It's Because of the Bins

Your bin is an ideal source for food. If your waste is unsecured, you create a huge opportunity for pests to exploit and setup camp. Most of us will have access to bins with lids to ensure no unwanted guests run riot. Changes to bin collections and excess waste can mean that you have more waste than anticipated which may result in no space to secure the additional rubbish. This creates a problem as it encourages pests to visit. It's especially common around Christmas time where there's lot of additional rubbish AND fewer refuse collections. 


You've Got Gaps in Your Property

 If pests are entering your home it's highly likely that there's a route in to your home other than the door. It's worth inspecting your property for any signs of disrepair. This could include gaps in brickwork, damage around door-frames and any gaps or damage to your roof. These are all common entry points for pests but is no way exhaustive. We recommend checking and repairing any glaring issues at the first opportunity. Should the pest or pests still return, we'd suggest calling a professional pest controller to investigate further.


What's Next for Households in Basingstoke & Winchester?

 Check your property for any signs of disrepair, or small fixes that may resolve the problem in the first instance. Many pest problems can be prevented by sealing up any gaps, or securing food sources from pests. If there aren't any obvious issues you can see, it may be wise to call a professional pest controller to inspect the issue. Our friendly team in Basingstoke & Winchester offer a FREE, no obligation quotation, simply contact us using the form below and we'll be happy to help. Our teams strive to resolve the issue causing the pest, rather than just remove the culprit or culprits. Contact us today using the form below or give us a call!


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