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Pest Bird Information

Pest birds can cause a range of issues for households, including damage and health concerns. It's usually easy to spot a potential pest bird problem with obvious noise and droppings. It can be easy to miss other signs of a pest bird issue including evidence of nesting materials. Birds cause damage to roofs especially during nesting season in the spring and summer months. If your home has solar panels mounted to the roof, these can be attractive roosting locations for many birds, if you hear signs of birds on your roof, it's worth considering professional bird proofing to prevent damage and dirt. Bird droppings are very corrosive, due to their acidic content. It's important to keep paint and metal free of droppings, including your car. Not only are droppings damaging, but they carry disease which means contact should be prevented. Talk to us about our discreet bird-proofing measures including spikes and netting.

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Specialist Bird Proofing Service

The specialist team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions offer effective implementation of bird proofing measures. Our service includes:

  • Thorough insection
  • Propose suitable option
  • Expert implementation of spikes or netting
  • Preventative advice
  • Friendly service
  • FREE quotation


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