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Pest Control Services in Winchester

The expert team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions have over 30+ years of experience in dealing with pest problems for both residents and businesses. Our team use only the most effective methods and equipment to combat a variety of pest concerns. Take a look at our services below:


Problems with Rats & Mice

Do you have a problem with a pest rat or mouse? If you have seen rats or mice around your property, or have spotted signs that may indicate you have a pest problem. Get in touch with our friendly team using the form at the bottom of the page. Our expert team have a wide range of tools available including night cameras, traps and deterrents.

Dealing with Bed Bugs

Dealing with bed bugs can be really stressful, you may have noticed bites on your skin, or small marks on your bedding to indicate the potential presence of bed bugs. Our expert team have a variety of methods at their disposal to help ensure bed bugs are removed and stay away. 

Bird Proofing Your Home

Hampshire Bird and Pest Solutions are experts in managing pest birds, our team have a wide range of deterrents to help prevent birds from nesting in and around your home. Our team can bird proof your home using discreet spikes or netting, and can even bird proof your solar panels and outbuildings. If you have a problem with a nesting bird, get in touch with us today.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nests can be dangerous to humans and animals alike, it's important to get nests professionally inspected at the earliest opportunity. Our team have professional equipment to deal with wasp nests effectively and safely, if you suspect you might have a problem with a wasp nest, contact us today using the form below.

Insect Infestations

Do you suspect a potential insect infestation? You might have spotted signs in and around your home of pest insects causing a nuisance. Talk to the friendly team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions for a no obligation, FREE quotation. Use the contact form below to talk to us about the problem in more detail, and we'll be happy to discuss options around removing and preventing future problems.

Problems with Pest Rabbits

Rabbits can cause a nuisance to households and businesses alike. If you've spotted rabbits in and around your property or premises, it's likely you have an issue with a pest rabbit. If rabbits are failing to dissappear and are frequently visiting your home, it may be time to seek professional advice. Get in touch with our friendly team for a free quotation.

Pest Mole Problems

Pest moles cause a great deal of damage to gardens and other outdoor areas. It's likely you've spotted molehills appearing in outdoor spaces such as your garden or grounds. If left unattended, moles can completely dig up your garden and create a headache when it comes to rectifying the issue. Speak to the expert team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions for effective results using only proven and tested methods. 

Problems with Pest Foxes

Foxes can cause a raft of problems for households including noise, damage and risk to pets kept outdoors. Foxes are scavengers that have over time, adapted to our urban environment. If you suspect a problem with a pest fox, contact the experienced team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions for an effective solution to dealing with your problem. Tell us a little more about the problem using the form below.

Pest Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can create a nuisance by means of getting into loft spaces for shelter, whilst also creating a fire risk due to their tendencies to chew through anything, which does include wiring and pipes. Get in touch with Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions to arrange an inspection. Our expert team are fully trained to deal with a range of pests including squirrels. 


Where We Operate within Winchester

For both domestic households and businesses, Hampshire Bird and Pest Solutions offer pest control services throughout Winchester, including:

  • Weeke
  • Fulflood
  • Abbott's Barton
  • Littleton
  • Harestock
  • Headbourne Worthy
  • Winnal
  • Stanmore
  • Badger Farm
  • Sparsholt
  • Pitt
  • Worthy Down
  • South Wonston
  • Kings Worthy
  • Abbots Worthy 

Talk to us About Your Pest Problem

If you have a concern with potential pest, tell us a little more about the issue by clicking the button below. Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions offer a FREE no obligation quotation. Contact us today for a prompt response from our friendly team.

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