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Rodent Removal in Basingstoke & Winchester

Deter rats and mice from nesting in your home. Our effective service will deal with pest rodents from the outset and prevent further infestations.

Get us to fix your rodent problem quickly and effectively, so you don't need to mess around handling any traps or bait. We will remove mice, rats and other large rodents from your property in Basingstoke or Winchester for a fixed price of £150 inc VAT. 

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Effective Rodent Removal Service - Fixed Price £150

The expert team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions offer effective removal of rats and mice from domestic properties. Our service includes:

  • No Call Out Fees
  • Prompt Inspection
  • Expert Rodent Surveillance
  • Effective Deterrent Implementation
  • Preventative Measures
  • Friendly Service
  • Up To 3 Visits After Problem Is Identified
  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • Call Us Now On 01256 578000

Step by Step Rodent Removal Process:


  1. Customer calls us out due to a rodent issue in the garden and we visit site and establish the root cause.
  2. Once the customer is happy with the proposed solution we set up rodent boxes using one of 3 rodenticides depending if children or pets use the area.
  3. We then arrange a convenient time to call back 5-7 days later to check and assess activity on the property and in the boxes, this continues until we are happy the problem has been dealt with usually within 3 visits.


  1. Should the rodents be indoors we aim to find the entry points in and around the house and we have tracking gels and cameras to help us find the issue.
  2. We then discuss the proofing measures required and price it accordingly. We can carry out a fair amount of proofing measures but sometimes a 3rd party would need to be used.
  3. We then carry out the rodent treatment as above but with bait internally.

All rodenticide used is either in a locked box or sometimes internally we use trays if no pets or children can get to it. We aim to remove all rodenticide once the treatment is complete for a peace of mind solution.

About us:

Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions have over 30 years of experience in all areas of pest control including dealing with pest birds, wasps and rodents. Our friendly team serve businesses and residential properties in and around the Basingstoke and Winchester area.

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