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Spotted a Wasp Nest in or Around Your Home in Basingstoke?



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You may be looking for advice on how to remove or prevent the nest from causing your or your family in Basingstoke any problems. It's important to remember to stay calm, as long as they're left alone they're unlikely to cause a nuisance or disturb yourself. Don't panic but try and keep people away from the area whilst the nest is still active. Nests are fairly straight forward to deal with and requires a little bit of patience and definitely the correct protective equipment. Fortunately the team at Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions have specialist equipment to ensure no-one is affected whilst our team treats with the nest. Upon completion, our team will often look for any obvious potential risks that may cause the wasp issue to reoccur in the future and help put in place any changes where available!


Where Are Wasp Nests Usually Found?

Wasps' Nests are usually in secluded sheltered spaces with easy access to the outdoors, this normally includes common locations such as garages, sheds, outbuildings, around the garden and under eaves. It's unlikely to find nests in your home, but occasionally nests can be found inside your loft or other areas, especially if there's an easy route of entry to the outdoors! You'll usually find the nest is very visible and easy to spot, but it can be secluded really well and in this case you'll likely already have an idea, especially if you've noticed an increase in the number of wasps hanging around your property.  


Can You Help Me With My Wasp Nest in Basingstoke?

Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions have locations in Winchester & Basingstoke. Our specialist team have a rapid response rate and will usually attend your property within a 24-48 hours, depending on availability. If you'd like professional help, get in touch with our friendly team in Basingstoke using the form below and we'll be happy to provide you with a no obligation FREE quotation.

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