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Our Top Tips to Help Prevent Pests!

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions have come up with some top tips to help you stay pest free, regardless of season. Some small changes to our behaviour and habits can make a real impact in making your home free of pests and unwelcome visitors!

Take a look at our simple tips below, some of you may already keep on top of these things but it's a useful guide as there may be some aspects you didn't think about. Remember, some pests can be very difficult to get rid of once they've infested your home or commercial property, so prevention is always your best defence!

  1. Don't leave pet food out overnight!

    This is a huge attraction for pests of all varieties, as it's food left in easily accessible place! Don't forget to clear up any spillages and clear up any leftovers before you go to bed!

  2. Never, ever buy a second-hand bed!

    This may sound obvious, but beds are notorious for harbouring bed bugs and microscopic flesh that bedbugs crave! There is no telling what is in a second-hand bed and it's not worth the discomfort or risk.

  3. Ensure you treat your pets for fleas regularly!

    Fleas are an irritating pest, but one that can easily become a huge problem very quickly if left to spiral out of control. Treat your pets with suitable treatments regularly to ensure they aren't bringing pests into your home.

  4. Make sure any gaps are sealed from rodents!

    Gaps around your home are the prime entry point for mice and rats. Ensure any gaps around your property are properly sealed, especially under the sink.

  5. Wash dishes as soon as possible and refrain from leaving food out.

    As you'll realise, food is the biggest attraction for pests and insects, big and small. Don't make their job easy by leaving food around your house, or leaving unwashed dishes out. This includes leaving standing water, as flies and insects are attracted to water and will find their way in if they can find it.

  6. Be weary of second-hand books!

    It's often over looked, but second hand books can harbour bed bugs, so always check the spines before bringing them home.

Keep on top of our simple steps above, and you should be well on your way to a pest free home! Remember, rodents produce litters of anything between 4 and 16 offspring, so if they find their way into your home, it could prove to be a difficult job deterring them. Houseflies, which often loiter near areas of standing water, will deposit eggs in batches between 75-150 and may deposit 20 fertilised batches from a single mating! With warmer weather on the way, now is the time to start preparing for the rise of pests & insects so that you don't have to deal with problems later on. At Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions, we see these issues commonly around the summer months, and most can be prevented.

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