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UK Hospitals Report Growing Pest Problem

Author: Hampshire Bird & Pest Solutions

It's recently been widely reported that hospitals across the nation have experienced an unwelcome rise in the number of pest complaints. We take a closer look at the situation and investigate the issues. 

Hospital Pest Call-Outs

New figures from a number of trusts across the country shows an alarming number of pest control call-outs over the last few years! Last year, an alarming 5,000 call-outs to pest controllers were recorded to deal with pest rats, cockroaches and even maggots. We all understand the major pressures our National Health Service is facing, however these new reports are of concern for all those affected, including patients and staff. The number of call-outs recorded is even more worrying as this only factors in the hospitals that provided information, with 52 out of 152 trusts not providing information.

Which Hospitals?

Hospitals throughout England have provided information about pest complaints via a freedom of information request obtained by the Press Association. Hospital Trusts which provided information includes trusts covering London, Leicester, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands amongst others. 

What Types of Pest?

Hospitals up and down the country have been reporting problems with pests including cockroaches and rats. According to the Independent, creatures have been spotted in maternity wards, children's intensive care units and operating theatres. 

How Can this Be Prevented?

There are a number of steps we can all take to help prevent unwelcome visitors such as rats and insects. Good housekeeping and secure waste areas are essential in helping prevent unwelcome guests. Hospitals are attractive to pests by nature as they often contain an abundance of food and lots of areas to nest. One of the hospitals suggested a recent nearby construction development may have unsettled a natural habitat. A spokesman for one of the concerned trusts said, "We have introduced additional housekeeping measures such as frequently emptying bins and cleaning across our sites".

Aside from thorough cleaning and secure waste areas, it's important for anyone concerned about potential vermin to ensure the premises is secure and free from entry points. Weakened fixtures and damaged buildings can provide an easy access point for future visits. Keep food sources secure and ensure all outbuildings are free of damage. This will prevent further intrusions whilst also making it easier to spot subsequent damage.

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